Dragon Rising

Drakon Academy: Year 2

Dragon’s exist. The only reason you don’t know about them is because of graduates of the Slayer Academy. The elite school I would give my last breath to join. 

For the past two years I’ve failed to get into the Slayer Academy, but that only made me try harder. While other twenty year olds were out killing their livers with copious amounts of alcohol, I trained. Forcing myself to become a lethal assassin, ready to wipe out all dragon shifters. And this year I finally made it in. Now that I’m here, nothing is going to stop me from being at the top of my class. Or searching to find the shifter who murdered my father so I can return the favor. 

Not even Gabe, the upperclassman, with icy blue eyes and golden copper hair that burns brighter than a dragon’s flame. I won’t be distracted from my mission. I will be the best slayer the Academy has ever seen. Well… I would have been if my body hadn’t turned on me. Apparently, I’M a dragon shifter?!? How? What? When? 

But it doesn’t matter. I can make it through the school year. A dragon shifter in an academy for dragon slayers. What could possibly go wrong? 




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