Dragon Slayer

Drakon Academy: Year 1

A dragon shifter in an academy for dragon slayers. What could go wrong?

Dragon shifters exist. The only reason you don’t know about them is because of graduates of the Slayer Academy. The elite school I’d give my last breath to join.

This year I, Kaida Beckett, finally made it in. Now that I’m here, nothing will stop me from being the best Slayer the Academy has ever seen. Not even Gabe, the upperclassman, with icy blue eyes and golden copper hair that burns brighter than a dragon’s flame.

Well... nothing except my own body turning against me. Apparently, I’M a dragon shifter?!?

How did I miss that the first twenty years of my life? New plan… survive the school year. Which would be easy if someone wasn’t trying to kill me.




If you want to read a story with the kick-assery of Underworld, and the everlasting love of Twilight order your copy this unputdownable Academy Romance.

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